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Angel with Drumsticks is available in paperback and E book through Amazon. Australian residents can purchase direct through this site for $18 free postage.


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For the Love of a Dingo is available in paperback and eBook through Amazon. Australian residents can purchase direct through this site for $18 free postage.


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Angel with Drumsticks


The biography that tells the full and true story of Italian Beat band Angel & the Brains. Formed in 1964 by young musicians from Rome, the band took its lead from The Beatles and other new wave British bands of the time to create a form of music with a strong beat sound that would appeal to Italian teenagers.


Their success in creating their new sound and, following their participation in the first Messa Dei Giovani on 27th April 1966, they have been credited as one of the leading proponents of Italian Beat music, today, often referred to as Garage Beat.


This is the story as it was told to me by Angelo Ferrari, drummer, singer and founder of the Italian Beat rock group Angel and the Brains.


The story describes how these young musicians, who had responded to an invitation from the church to perform the first rock mass in Rome had their fledgling careers destroyed by the Vatican.


The reader will discover that many articles written in recent years are wrong in their descriptions of what happened following La Messa and falsely acclaim the event as being a successful innovation of the Catholic Church at the time.


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The writing of the book was important to me in many ways. Having met my husband, Angelo, when I was in my 40s we had not grown up together and his experience in the 1960s was something he talked little about. Gradually the story came out over the years and I convinced him that the story should be written and the truth told. As we talked over his sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet memories spanning six years I came to understand him so much more. I am proud that finally his story has been told.


For the Love of a Dingo by Berenice Walters and Pamela King


This is the story of one woman’s love for Dingoes and her endeavours to prove they were not the savage and sinister brute authorities portrayed them as.


The stories in this book are about three of her Dingoes; Dora, Napoleon and Snowgoose.  They tell how she acquired her first Dingo, eluded being arrested and her Dingo being destroyed then successfully obedience training her Dingoes.


They tell how she proved the so called experts wrong about the character of the Dingo but mostly they tell of her love and dedication for the most falsely maligned of Australian native animals.


Also visit also the Dingo Lady Facebook page or the Dingo Lady Blog where I share some of Berenice’s early writings.


Current projects


Complete biography of Berenice Walters, the Dingo Lady. This will be the culmination of a major project I have undertaken as a commitment to her daughter, Christine, to preserve Berenice’s records and write her full biography.


I met Berenice while I was tourism manager for the region and got involved not only professionally but personally with the Australian Native Dog Conservation Society that she founded. That part of my life is covered in my Random Jottings blog post titled
'My Dingo Experience'


Christine had expressed concern about the future of her mother’s records and asked if I would be interested in taking them on. The  has involved sorting, filing, archiving, indexing and digitising her manuscripts, research papers, photographs and videos. It is a huge task but very much a labour of love.


Fictional biography


I was fortunate to be given a small metal trunk recently. It contained generations of photos, personal letters and other keepsakes. The letters spanned sixty years and were written not just to one person but between several family members located in Australia, New Zealand and England. I have written about it in my blog 'Glimpses of Past Lives' and it has inspired and idea for a fictional biography.


Collection of Short Stories


I'm not saying much about this project because I think I've come up with something different and don't want anyone pinching my idea. Wait to be surprised – one day!


Mystery Novel


I love a good whodunit book and my husband is an armchair detective with a love of everything from Poirot to NCIS so who better to write a good detective novel? Well that's his thinking.


My response was "you put the story line together and I'll do the historical research and the creative writing. Don't hold your breath folks; it's gonna be a while before he gets anywhere with it.

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